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Busey Woods Trail Project Celebration

Busey Woods Gateway Trail Grand Opening Event
Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Busey Woods Gateway Trail offers a link between park and woods and helps visitors transition from open space to wooded space. Both indoor and outdoor interpretive elements explore the unique habitat Busey Woods and the Saline Creek/Crystal Lake offer wildlife with a specific focus on birds. Explore the newly planted wildlife habitat garden as you approach Busey Woods and observe wildlife visiting the feeding areas inside the Wildlife Observation Room. Join the district as we celebrate the completion of this new interpretive trail as part of the National Big Backyard Bird Count event. Activities for the day include:

--12:30pm, Dedication ceremony
--1-3pm, Nature Large and Small a Photography Show Opening Reception
--1:15pm, Gardening for Wildlife Hike – tour of the new Gateway Trail Wildlife Habitat Garden
--3pm, Where’s the Birdie raffle drawing
--3pm, Audubon Bird Hike
--Ongoing, Big Backyard Bird Count w/Champaign County Audubon Society
--Ongoing, Where’s the Birdie Limited Edition Letterbox
--Ongoing, Self-directed nature games & crafts

Big Backyard Bird Count 9am-4pm
The Great Backyard Bird Count is a national annual event that supports bird conservation by simply counting birds. Anyone can participate in the count. Help the Champaign County Audubon Society record the number of birds at feeding stations and along trails in Busey Woods.
• Facilitated by Champaign County Audubon Society in the Wildlife Observation Room
• Live entry of checklists, so people can connect their personal actions with the national event.
• Tally-count. Seeds in a bird feeder: based on how many birds are counted, and watching it fill up over the course of the day. Audubon does a tally on easel paper.

Nature Large and Small a Photography Show by Fred Delcomyn
Opening Reception 1-3pm
“From the grand vista of a mountain range to the intricate form of a tiny insect, nature abounds in beauty. As a photographer, I strive to capture not only the stunning vistas that take your breath away, but also the intricate beauty to be found in the often overlooked small things in nature. Gently swaying grasses, marvelously structured flowers, birds looking for their next meal, even insects, both predators and prey, all reflect the beauty of nature that a camera can capture.” View the show and visit with photographer Fred Delcomyn.

Self-directed Activity Stations – Classroom 10am-3pm
• Fill the Bill Game: Explore bird feeding adaptations by trying out and matching tool to bird.
• Bird Feeders: Making tasty goodies for the birds to hang outside or take home for your yard.
• Bird Action Pledge Card – Learn how to help with bird conservation and take home a gift.
• Binocular Loan: Borrow a set of binoculars to take on a hike or see birds at the feeders. Adult supervision and driver license’s card required.

Limited Edition Letterbox: Where’s the Birdie 9am-3pm
Join the hunt to find live, taxidermy and print birds exhibited at the Anita Purves Nature Center and be entered for the prize drawing. Raffle drawing will be at 3pm. Where's The Birdie Quest Booklet