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Introduction to Tango for Couples (Code: 10445)
Ages: 18Y and up
When: 2013-10-10 - 2013-11-07 (Th) , 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Where: Phillips Recreation Center
Earlybird Registration Deadline: 2013-09-26       Earlybird Cost: $71R/$106NR
Registration Deadline: 2013-10-03       Cost: $89R/$133NR

Activities: Bring your special partner or a good friend with whom you want to learn tango together. You will work with the same partner throughout the course. The course syllabus is similar to the Foundations of Tango course but focuses more on developing a partnership in tango. Individual couples will be permitted to progress at a faster or slower pace as it suits them. Course is limited to 10 couples. Price is per couple.