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Douglas Creek Restoration

Douglas Creek Before Restoration

Portion of Meadowbrook’s Douglas Creek Will Undergo Restoration in 2015

The Urbana Park District is planning a stream restoration project in Meadowbrook Park on a portion of Douglas Creek. Berns, Clancy and Associates and Living Waters Design are preparing project plans to include removing sediment and stabilizing the streambed, replacing weedy trees and invasive brush with native trees and adding rock riffle pool habitat to the creek.

The park district expects that the stream restoration will improve stream flow and increase the quality of various habitats along and in the creek. 

“We think we will see more wading birds like green herons as a result of completing the restoration,” said superintendent of planning and operations, Derek Liebert.

“As the newly planted trees and shrubs mature, we hope to see an overall improvement in the quality of the creek.  An example would be if we see an increase in the number of frogs in that section of Douglas Creek, which will be a good indicator of stream health,” he said.

Meadowbrook Park has been restored in multiple phases over the past 30 plus years, and the creeks with their surrounding stream corridors are the last remaining phase.

“We are excited to be able to better manage not only the stream itself, but the adjacent Walker Grove, which is a savanna habitat. We will be able to use prescribed fire more efficiently both there and along Douglas Creek”, Liebert explained.

Work is planned for spring and summer 2015.

“Once a bid has been awarded this winter, we will move forward with the restoration. Urbana Park District natural areas management staff members are already doing some preliminary clearing work where possible,” explained project manager Caitlin Lill.

This project is the first of its kind for the park district and the process and outcome will help the park district plan for the restoration of other sections of Douglas Creek or for McCullough Creek, Lill added.

“The designers have completed several successful streambed restoration projects for other organizations, so we expect the same outcome here. Park visitors will see a more open stream corridor, and with that they can look forward to enjoying more diversity of wildlife.”

Questions about the Douglas Creek Restoration project should be directed to Urbana Park District project manager Caitlin Lill at 217-344-9583.


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