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Free play days and Urbana parks are a perfect match

Urbana Park District has a fun way for parents and kids to end their day by putting on free Play Days in the Park.

"It is important for the Park District to meet people where they are," said Elsie Hedgspeth, Outreach and Wellness Manager at Urbana Park District. "So we will be bringing the fun to you."

The Park District hosted two Play Days in June. The remaining Play Days in the Park are:

Each Play Day runs from 5:30 – 7 p.m. "There are different activities, sports, equipment, popcorn and drinks at each Play Day," Hedgspeth commented. "It is a great chance for people of all ages to get together, have fun and make friends."

No two Play Days are the same. "We have different games and activities at each event. Some days may have a bounce house, while others may have a large, collaborative art project. We are trying to appeal to a wide variety of people," Hedgspeth explained.

She concluded, "You belong at our Play Days in the Park. We hope you can come to this free, community building event."


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