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New art adds color to Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center

October 6, 2021 10:37 AM

When you visit Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center, you’ll notice a beautiful work of art greeting you when you look at the windows.

Artist Jen Gibas has Reef, on display. Her work was selected by the Urbana Arts and Culture Program for the 2021 Murals on Glass – an initiative by the program to display more local art works in Urbana.

Gibas is a medical illustrator and animator who works at the University of Illinois. She currently creates online course animations about anatomy and physiology for the College of Veterinary Medicine.

“Public art and the appeal it has for our community is very valuable to the Urbana Park District. We’re pleased to add a new mural on glass to the collection of public art featured at district parks and facilities,” said Superintendent of Recreation Corky Emberson. “We’re lucky to have such talented local artists and a great partnership with the City of Urbana. Pool visitors of all ages will love the bright colors and exciting patterns of this piece.”

The art work will be on display at the aquatic center for a few years. The park district and the Urbana Arts and Culture Program cut the ribbon, opening the display on October 5.



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