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With both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, the Urbana Park District offers recreational swimming, lessons, lap swimming, pool parties and rentals year-round.


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Parent Tot I/Parent Tot II (6-36 Months)

Children will be introduced to the water with games and songs. They will work on jumping in, splashing, and being comfortable floating on front and back.

Preschool Lessons (Level 1) (Ages 3-5)

This 30 minutes class is designed for preschool aged children. Children will learn to be comfortable in water through play and skills. They will begin to learn lead up skills for the front/back crawl.

Youth Group Lessons (Age 6 and Up)

Level 2 - Children comfortable performing swimming actions independently. Begin to put stroke actions together.

Level 3 - This level will work on side breathing. Also learned will be lead up skills to other four strokes and dive.

Level 4 - This level will complete intro to breaststroke and butterfly. Work on distance and endurance for other strokes.

Level 5 - Endurance for all four strokes. Instructors will critique each stroke and work to improve efficiency. Open turns and flip turns are introduced.

Level 6 - This level will focus on endurance and stroke assessments. Children will learn to swim longer distances and work on technique of each stroke.

How do I know where to place my child for swim lessons?

During the first class of each session, instructors and coordinators will evaluate the child’s swim level and place them in the appropriate level.



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