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Youth Sports Program VALUES

Sportsmanship, fun, player development and opportunity to play--these are the values we support for our youth sports programs. In this spirit we believe:

  • Kids should have fun. If it is not fun, kids will not want to do it.
  • Kids should have a safe environment to play in.
  • Kids should learn the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Kids should develop their skills.
  • All kids have the right to play.
  • There are goals more important than winning.

We encourage all our volunteer coaches to run their practices and games with these standards in mind.



Adult Sports Program VALUES

Like in our youth programs, we expect adult participants to have fun while maintaining a standard of behavior.

Participants should:

  • Demonstrate respect to other participants and staff.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Respect the physical/mental well-being of themselves, other participants and staff/officials.
  • Use equipment and supplies and facilities as they were intended.
  • Refrain from participation in unlawful activities.

Adult Sports Code of Conduct



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