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Register Now for an Organic Garden Plot

February 16, 2017 08:19 AM

Rent an Organic Garden

Growing Season: Mar 5-Nov 5, 2017

Age 18 and Up

Plant and grow your garden at the oldest local organic community gardens!

Since 1975, the Meadowbrook Organic Garden program has supported

healthy bodies and a healthy community. We provide space, water, hoses

and wheelbarrows. You supply tools, plants, labor, and optional fencing. A

garden supervisor can assist with questions or concerns. Garden plots are

rented in “as is” condition, and participation is at your own risk. For more

information, call 217-384-4062 or read the garden manual at


To Register for a Garden Plot:

1. Register by calling 217-367-1544.Online registration is not available.

2. In addition to the plot rental fee, gardeners pay a $30 deposit. The

deposit is returned at the end of the growing season if the gardener

abides by the Urbana Park District’s published guidelines. Returning

gardeners in good standing earn a discounted deposit.

3. New gardeners must attend a Garden Meeting at the Anita Purves

Nature Center or Meadowbrook Park where garden plot selection will

take place. You must register and pay for the garden at least two days

prior to attending a meeting.

Garden Meetings


Sat, March 4, 1-2pm, Anita Purves Nature Center

Mon, March 27, 6-7pm, Anita Purves Nature Center

Wed, April 12, 7-8pm, Meadowbrook Interpretive Center

Sat, April 29, 10-11am, Meadowbrook Interpretive Center

Tue, May 9, 7-8pm, Meadowbrook Interpretive Center

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