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Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center closed for cleaning, new air system

The Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center (UIAC) will close on July 21 plans to re-open August 10.

"We are going to clean the pool," said Leslie Radice, Aquatics Manager for Urbana Park District. "We close the pool annually and clean the entire facility."

She added, "This year, we are also replacing the Poolpak unit on the roof."

A Poolpak regulates the air quality at the pool. "The Poolpak lasts for several years. This unit served us well and it’s time to install a new one," Radice explained.

People with UIAC memberships can swim at the Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center while the indoor pool is closed.

"We hope to re-open the indoor pool on August 11 and I’ll be communicating with our pool members during the entire maintenance and cleaning process," Radice said.


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