ADA Policies and Procedures

Read the latest update on the ADA Transition plan here


Under Title II and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 USC 12131) and the Architectural Barriers Act, regulations prohibit public entities, such as the Urbana Park District, from discriminating against or excluding a person from programs, services, or activi ties on the basis of disability. The definition of programs and services is broad and includes public parks and recreation operations, such as the many unique opportunities made available for the enjoyment of the Urbana Park District participants.

As a result, Recreation Accessibility Consultants were hired in coordination with the Champaign Park District through Champaign – Urbana Special Recreation to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the facilities, parks, and playgrounds in the district. This group reviewed each park district facility and park for their compliance with the updated standards from the original 2010 ADA Accessibility Guidelines, Illinois Accessibility Codes, and the proposed Playground, Outdoor Developed and Recreation Standards. Each deficit was outlined by the group and they offered recommendations to remedy each compliance issue. Staff members took this information and compiled it into a transition plan.

These district’s policies and procedures will be updated to reflect changes made specifically to ensure the accessibility of park district programs and sites. The policy and procedure manual will be a working document and will undergo a continuous review process to ensure accessibility in the future.

Additionally, Title II of the ADA requires that at least one staff member be designated as ADA Coordinator. This person is responsible to receive, review, and respond to questions and concerns expressed by a person with a disability related to access of the parks and programs. In addition, this person is responsible for the implementation of the removal of access barriers recognized in the transition plan. While the district is responsible to implement the corrections as laid out in the transition plan to bring into compliance the deficits noted, support is given by the ADA Coordinator.

Keenan Portis, Park Planner, and Jameel Jones, Outreach and Wellness Manager, are the designated ADA Coordinators for Urbana Park District. Their contact information is as follows:

Keenan Portis
Park Planner, Urbana Park District
1011 E. Kerr, Urbana IL, 61801
PHONE: 217-344-9583
FAX: 217-344-9585

Jameel Jones
Outreach and Wellness Manager, Urbana Park District
505 W. Stoughton, Urbana, IL, 61891
PHONE: 217-367-1544


If you believe you have been denied any service, program, or recreation activity, or have otherwise been discriminated against because of, or related to, a disability within the Urbana Park District, please complete an ADA Complaint Form and return it to either address above.