The Champaign – Urbana Special Recreation (CUSR) was formed through a partnership of both Urbana and Champaign Park Districts in 1985. CUSR was created to serve individuals in the C – U area of all ages and abilities throughout the year with recreational programs and services. CUSR advocates and ensures that individuals with special needs have equal access to recreational options in their community. CUSR provides specialized programs specifically designed for individuals with a variety of special needs through the seasonal brochures. CUSR also supports and provides inclusion support within both the Urbana and Champaign Park District is all the programs and services offered to their communities.

While CUSR is a partnership of the local park districts, programs are open to any and all that want to come play with us.

A brief list of programs CUSR provides throughout the year include:

  • After School
  • Summer Camp
  • Special Olympic sports
  • Vacation trips
  • Skill building programs
  • Cultural art experiences
  • Special events
  • Weekly programs

CUSR programs are held within many Urbana and Champaign Park district buildings along with in community settings. The CUSR offices are housed at the Hays Recreation Center in Champaign were registration for programs are accepted and many evening programs are also held.

CUSR staff will meet with all new families to the area when they are ready to recreate! Staff members are also available to attend meetings of community groups and services clubs to share what CUSR does for the community and how we impact those we serve.

CUSR staff have degrees in Therapeutic Recreation and are currently all certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) as Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS). Staff also have certifications in First Aid and CPR along with Nonviolent Crisis Intervention procedures.

Contact CUSR:

Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation Center
2212 Sangamon Dr.
Champaign, IL. 61821
Phone 217-819-3980
Fax 217-819-3990

Jameel Jones, Champaign Park District Director of Recreation,

Grace Tissier, CUSR Manager/Inclusion,

Christina Mott, CUSR Athletics & Volunteer Coordinator,

Nikiaya Brandon, CUSR Adult & Special Events Coordinator,

Carlie Provow, CUSR Youth & Teen Coordinator,

Amanda Carrington, CUSR Center Receptionist,


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Emily Matt softball
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