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With both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, the Urbana Park District offers recreational swimming, lessons, lap swimming, pool parties and rentals year-round.

Urbana Park District Swim Lessons

Early registration is encouraged. A wait-list may be started for programs that fill quickly. The deadline is one week before the session begins. Instructors and supervisors evaluate participants to place them in the appropriate level. New participants will be tested and placed in the proper class.

Multiple Student Discount: Enroll more than one child in swim lessons and receive a $5 discount for each additional child.


Parent Tot I (6-18 Months) & Parent Tot II (18-36 Months)

Children will be introduced to the water with games and songs. They will work on jumping in, splashing, and being comfortable floating on front and back.

Beginner Swim Lessons

These lessons are designed to introduce swimmers to the water. They will work on being comfortable in the water through play and skills. They will learn lead up swimming skills such as front and back floats, kicking, arm movements, and blowing bubbles. They will progressively learn to put the lead up skills together for freestyle and back stroke.

Intermediate Swim Lessons

Children will work on side breathing and diving. They will learn the arm movements and kicks for breaststroke and butterfly strokes, and work on their endurance for all four strokes. They will also work on being able to swim longer distances with freestyle, back stroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.

Advanced Swim Lessons

These lessons will continue working on endurance and distance for each stroke. Swimmers will also be critiqued on their stroke so they are able to swim more efficiently. Work on open turns and flip turns will be introduced. Prepare or continue conditioning for your summer swim team season or just increase your advanced swimming abilities! Swimming workouts will be given to more advanced swimmers.

How do I know where to place my child for swim lessons?

During the first class of each session, instructors and coordinators will evaluate the child’s swim level and place them in the appropriate level.