How Can I Receive Financial Assistance?


Youth Scholarships

Scholarships are available based on financial need and fund availability. Please keep the following in mind when applying for a scholarship:

  1. The Urbana Park District Financial Aid program is available for those residing within the park district limits. Residency is based on taxes paid to the park district; therefore not everyone with an Urbana address is a park district resident. Residents of Urbana who are non-residents of the park district are eligible to apply for a waiver of the non-resident fee.
  2. The Urbana Park District awards partial scholarships for residents of the Urbana Park District based on financial need and availability of funds. Scholarships are available as funds permit. No full discounts will be awarded. This allows for more people to participate. 
  3. Please allow at least 5 business days for your application to be processed. Financial Aid applications must be received at least 2 weeks prior to a program’s deadline.
  4. You will be contacted by either phone or email as to the status of your request. Being granted assistance does not guarantee your placement in Urbana Park District programs. If assistance is granted, you must follow current registration guidelines and pay your portion of the program fees to be enrolled in the program. You are not registered until your payment is received. There will not be a spot reserved for your child prior to payment received. 
  5. Add all programs you may be interested in. There is no limit to the number of programs you can request per submission. There is no penalty for not registering for a program requested.
  6. To apply for financial aid, the adult head of household must complete and sign this application.
  7. The following items are unavailable for financial aid: Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center memberships, adult programs, private swim lessons, sports jerseys, and dog park memberships.

Please include the following with your application:

  1. Proof of Urbana residency (license, lease, utility bill, medical card, letter from school, etc.)
  2. Fully completed application form
  3. Proof of household income such as:
  • ·Two recent pay stubs for each job and each person
  • ·Last month’s bank statement
  • ·Link Card letter
  • ·Stipend letter
  • ·Child Support
  • ·Unemployment
  • ·Self-employment tax forms
  • ·Free/reduced lunch

Under special circumstances, we have the right to ask for Income Tax forms and/or other income information.

7) The Urbana Park District reserves the right to deny any incomplete applications.

Call 217-367-1544 for additional assistance. You can download a scholarship application here in EnglishSpanish, French, or Mandarin.



The Urbana Park District accepts assistance from Child Care Resource Services (CCRS). CCRS provides working and full-time student parents assistance with child care. This can assist with park district programs such as CU Around Town, Holiday Camp, Spring Break Day Camp, and summer day camp. It is your responsibility to contact CCRS and get the proper paperwork turned in to them.

CU Around Town, Holiday Camp, Spring Break Day Camp

CCRS approval letters are required at time of registration. Any copayment will be due before the class begins.

Summer Camp

Deposits: We require a $10 deposit per child per session of day camp. Your child will not be enrolled in any session until we receive the deposit. The deposits will be refunded to you at the end of the summer as long as the attendance requirements have been met (see below).

Attendance Policy: Your child must attend 80% of every week they are enrolled in. That is 4 out of 5 days per week. If this attendance policy is not met, CCRS will not pay for the camp, and the responsibility for full payment will be yours. Your $10 deposits for the entire summer will be forfeited in order to assist in that payment.

You have until 4pm the Friday before a session begins to notify us of a cancellation. That allows us to withdraw your child from that camp before it starts. Once a camp session starts, the 80% attendance is required.

CCRS Approval Letter or Payment in Full: We require either your CCRS approval letter or payment by the Thursday before each week of camp. Your child will not be allowed to attend without one or the other. If we do not receive payment by noon the Friday before, your child will be dropped from the following week of camp. We will require full payment for every week until we receive your approval letter for the Urbana Park District. Once we receive your approval, you will be refunded all overpayments made, minus your copay.

Because we will be requiring payment in full, it is best if you put in your change of provider, add a provider, or redetermination as early as possible.

Call 217-367-1544 for additional assistance.