Plans and Studies

The Urbana Park District continuously assesses current conditions of our parks, programs, recreation spaces, and community as a whole while planning for the future. These in depth plans range from a single park or program to district wide and highlight not only physical spaces, but also the people we serve. Sometimes they are completed by Urbana Park District staff, and frequently we work with outside groups and consultants who have expertise in a particular area of study. The community always has a hand in plan creation through public meetings, surveys or other outreach.  

Take a look below and some of the more extensive plans and studies we have completed in recent years!


Urbana Park District Strategic Plan 2020


Urbana Park District CARES Plan 2021



Urbana Park District Trails Master Plan (2016)


Weaver Park & East Urbana KRT Connectivity Study (2018)


Goose Management Crystal Lake Park (2020)


Blair Park Master Plan (2019)