Residents living within the boundaries of the Park District regularly support park facilities and programs through property taxes. People living within the boundaries of the Urbana and Champaign Park Districts pay the resident —R— fees. Acceptable documents that prove current residency include:

  • utility bill
  • home-owner’s or auto insurance bill
  • cable bill
  • bank statement
  • vehicle registration
  • voter registration card

If in doubt about whether your document is acceptable, ask a staff person. Call 217-367-1544.

Residency for Purposes of Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center Membership

The Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center is a joint venture of the Urbana School District and Urbana Park District. Those who reside within the Urbana School District boundaries or the Urbana Park District boundaries or both are considered residents for the purposes of membership for the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center. There is no reciprocal agreement with Champaign Park District for this facility.


The Urbana Park District has established a nonresident —NR— fee system in order to equalize payments by individuals residing outside of the park district boundaries, so they will contribute to the overall financing of the park system on an equitable basis with residents. The Urbana Park District offers three options for nonresident program fees:

  1.  Individuals may pay 1.5 times the resident fee.
  2.  Individuals residing immediately adjacent to Urbana Park District boundaries have the option of annexing their property into the district. For more information, call 217-367-1536.
  3.  Purchase an Urbana Park District annual park membership, which is good from May 1–April 30 (not prorated). This membership fee is computed based on the assessed value of the participant’s property using the current Urbana Park District tax rate. The membership fee for rented properties is $100 per fiscal year. Ask a Phillips Recreation Center staff member for additional information. These memberships do not qualify you as a resident for purposes of Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center Memberships.

Reciprocal Agreement

The Urbana Park District and Champaign Park District have a reciprocal agreement. A resident of one district can participate in programs at the other district at the resident rate.

For programs with limited enrollment, nonresidents may register on the third day of registration. Residents of the district offering the program will receive priority to register during the first three days of registration. Not applicable to the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center.