Strategic Planning


The Urbana Park District has a strong history of planning for the future. We will move forward with a new Strategic Plan this year - the first plan in ten years.

You belong at Urbana Parks and we also believe you belong in our strategic planning process. You will find information below to update you about our strategic plan.

Nearly 350 people filled out the Urbana Park District User Questionnaire. Thanks for all the wonderful input you provided! We enjoyed spending time with you at all our summer events.


Four Pillars of the Strategic Planning Initiative

Crystal Lake Rehabilitation

  • Improvement of water and sediment quality
  • Shoreline enhancement and habitat restoration
  • Public recreation
  • Lake House improvements

Reaching Underrepresented Residents

  • Adding more diversity
  • Intergenerational participation
  • Promote community well-being/service

KRT Trailhead at Weaver Park

  • Weaver Park & East Urbana KRT Connectivity Study
  • Design & amenities to Trailhead at Weaver Park

Health & Wellness

  • Need for indoor recreation space
  • Facilitate healthy lifestyle for all residents