Crystal Lake Park Rehabilitation Project

Since 2016, the Urbana Park District has been diligently making progress on the Crystal Lake Park Rehabilitation Project. After a year of research and public input, the Crystal Lake Rehabilitation, Access and Management Plan was completed. This document highlights an introduction to the process and history of Crystal Lake and a description of the plan development process. The next three chapters describe water and sediment quality, shoreline enhancement and habitat restoration, and public recreation. Last are the next steps and cost estimates.

Phase 1: Sediment Basin Project (2017)

  • Crystal Lake takes in nearly 160 acres of urban storm water from the surrounding land uses. In a collaborative project with the City of Urbana, the sediment basin at the northern end of the lake was dredged, removing hundreds of truckloads of sediment, rocks and road grit and trash. This allows the sediment basin to continue collecting sediment and pollutants and not allowing them to spread throughout the lake.

Phase 2A: ITEP/Carle Park St Multi-use Path (Current)

  • In Spring of 2019, a 10' wide multiuse path is being installed along the south side of Crystal Lake Park. Thanks to an Illinois Transportation Enhancement Project (ITEP) grant, and a generous match from Carle Hospital, this new amenity will begin serving park visitors.

Phase 2B: Partial Lake Edge/Access, Playground, and Pavilion Improvements (Winter 2019/20)

  • The park district also received an Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) grant award from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for $400,000. This money, combined with park district capital funds will provide an array of amenities in Crystal Lake Park. Some of these include limestone fishing outcroppings, lake edge restoration, nature-themed playground, family game area (concrete baggo and game tables), new boat dock with accessible kayak launch, pavilion replacement and two interpretive panels. The district will also restore portions of the lake edge and create more locations for water access outside of the grant; engineering is currently under way.

Phase 2C: Broadway Ave Multi-use Path and Bridge (Pending funding/grant assistance)

  • The park district intends to apply for future funds to expand the Broadway Ave sidewalk between Park St and Stebbins St to a curvilinear multi-use path exactly like the new Park St path.

Phase 3: Remaining Lake Edge and Access Improvements (Pending funding/grant assistance)

  • Additional future phases anticipated to address road, bridge, lighting, and the Lake House improvements.