Green Initiatives

The Urbana Park District is leading the community in environmental stewardship!

Environmental issues are important to the Urbana Park District. That's why the District has been awarded the Illinois Association of Park Districts "Best Green Practices Award".

The District is a leader in implementing programs and practices that demonstrate the value and of responsible environmental practices. The "Green Team" committee implements and oversees environmental initiatives district-wide.

The Urbana Park District follows these environmentally responsible practices:

  1. Provide environmental education and interpretation opportunities for the public.
  2. Promote preservation, restoration management and stewardship of open spaces, nature preserves, waters, greenways and trails.
  3. Conserve and protect water and soil, enhance air quality, limit the production and release of damaging pollutants, and protect plants and wildlife.
  4. Conserve energy resources and utilize alternative energy technologies when possible.
  5. Re-use or recycle natural materials and manufactured products whenever possible; cooperate with local government and community groups to support recycling efforts.
  6. Purchase and use environmentally safe and sensitive products whenever possible.


Park district staff engage in seasonal "Green Challenges" to reduce environmental impact.
  • Reducing "phantom energy" waste by unplugging electronics when they are not in use is a simple way that staff conserve electricity. Read about five simple steps we all can take here.
  • We are working to do our part to make green driving decisions. Some good habits we are adopting (and you could adopt, too) can be found here.
  • Learn about guidelines that staff follow to help make green purchasing decisions here.