You may purchase a membership at the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center, the Phillips Recreation Center, or the Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center. 

You may purchase either a summer membership for only Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center or a summer membership for both Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center and Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center. Both types of memberships are valid May 26-Sep 3, 2018, for the prices listed below. If you already have a UIAC membership, ask a staff member about an add-on option for the outdoor facility. 

Prices starting May 1

CLPFAC Summer Membership

Individual                                $90R/$135NR

Family of 3                              $175R/$262NR

Additional member                  $30R/$45NR

Senior (age 65+)                     $70R/$105NR

Replacement Card                  $5R/$5NR


CLPFAC/UIAC Summer Membership

Individual             $146R/$159CR/$193NR

Senior Pass         $131R/$144CR/$170NR

Family of 2-3        $232R/$249CR/$314NR

Family of 4           $255R/$272CR/$348NR

Family of 5           $291R/$308CR/$397NR

Add Additional Members         $36R/$36CR/$47NR
(Per Person)



In order to prove you are an Urbana Park District resident--and to receive the resident rate--please show us your driver's license or a utility bill at the time you purchase a pass. For Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center passes, those who live in the boundaries of either the Urbana or Champaign Park District count as residents.

Family Memberships
A family includes anyone residing in the same household. Children under age 2 and under require a pass to be able to scan into the facility; however there is no charge for this. Youth under age 11 must be accompanied by a supervisor.