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Enjoy a variety of programs, parks and special facilities that contribute to the attractiveness of neighborhoods, conservation of the environment and overall health of the community.

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The Urbana Park District is committed to improving the quality of life of its citizens and promoting the overall health of the community. Fitness and Wellness programs include a variety of affordable opportunities for ages 15 and up to try workout programs geared to their fitness level. You can improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, and rhythm. Unlike what you might find in a traditional fitness center, our classes are welcoming to all, whether you are new to fitness or pursuing more advanced goals.

Class offerings include Aerobics, Boot Camp, Hard Core, Circuit and Interval Training, Strength and Conditioning, Tai Chi, Water Aerobics, Yoga--including chair yoga, and Zumba. Visit or call the Phillips Recreation Center at 217-367-1544, or register online. See the September - December at-a-glance Fitness Program Schedule.

When exercising at the Phillips Recreation Center, please bring a clean pair of tennis shoes to exercise in to keep the wood floors in good condition. 

COVID-19 Fitness Protocols

  • Congregating before and after class in the lobby areas will not be permitted for the time being. Participants are encouraged to stay in their cars until 5 min before class time. 
  • Masks must be worn upon entering the facility. Masks are not required while physically participating in fitness classes, but must be put back on as soon as class is finished. 
  • Sanitize hands upon entering the building.
  • Sanitizing equipment used during class will be of the utmost importance. 
    • All equipment used by a class at Phillips should be put on the tables in the back of the fitness room for the instructor to wipe down and let air dry. 
    • All equipment used by a class at the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center should be left along the side of the pool for the instructor to wipe down and re-rack to air dry after class. 
    • All equipment used by a class at the Lake House in Crystal Lake Park should be left at each participant's spot to be wiped down by the instructor and re-organized after class. 
  • Class formats should NOT require sharing of equipment at this time (no stations, partner work, or contact). 
  • Participants will be required to register for classes. There will be no drop-ins or flexi passes honored for the time being. We need to be able to control and document the number of people in each room. 
  • Participants and instructors will be required to practice social distancing in class-- maintain a minimum of 6ft apart. 
  • Locker rooms at the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center will be limited to 3 people at a time. Patrons and staff are encouraged to not utilize them unless absolutely necessary.
  • Bring your own water bottle to class—only the bottle filler mechanism on the water fountain will be available for use.
  • Classes may meet outside. This is up to the discretion of the instructor.

Flexible Fitness Punch Cards 

(Please note: Flexible Fitness Punch Cards are not accepted during phases 1-4 of the Restore Illinois Plan.)

If your schedule fluctuates or you find it difficult to attend an entire session of fitness classes, purchase a 10-class Flexible Fitness Punch Card. Attend any class that accommodates your schedule. Fitness punch cards may be used for all fitness classes in their category. Preregistered participants get priority of class space. Passes are not interchangeable across categories. Before each class you attend, present the card upon arrival and you will be admitted to the class. Punch cards are valid from one session to the next. You may purchase cards at the Phillips Recreation Center. There are three categories of passes: Land Fitness, Yoga/Pilates and Water Exercise.


Free Fitness Weeks

(Please note: Free Fitness Weeks are not currently being offered during phases 1-4 of the Restore Illinois Plan.)

Three times each year we invite you to try out any fitness classes at the Phillips Recreation Center, the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center, or Brookens Gym absolutely free. It’s one way that we can thank our continuing participants and welcome our new participants. Try a class at any park district workout facility and let us know what you think. (Please Note: Tai Chi, and Aikido classes are not included.)