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Anita Purves Nature Center celebrates 40 years

The Anita Purves Nature Center welcomed the public Monday to its 40th birthday party. The nature center also cut the ribbon on its solar power monitoring station, so people can learn about how the sun provides power to the building.

The afternoon also featured an owl presentation, refreshments, a scavenger hunt and information about all the nature center programs and offerings.

Everyone was excited and interested in the new solar power station launched at the nature center. “We are happy to have solar power return to Anita Purves Nature Center,” said Judy Miller, Environmental Program Manager.

The nature center had a solar water system several years ago, but it didn’t survive subsequent additions and remodeling. “What’s really exciting is that the solar monitoring station will help teach kids and adults how solar power works and how the nature center is reducing its carbon footprint,” Miller added.

While the nature center marks a milestone birthday, nature center staff are already looking to the future. “The nature center has changed in appearance over the years, but our mission is unchanged. We want to facilitate and enhance people’s experience with nature. And, we want to make nature accessible to everyone,” Miller said.




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