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Celebrate recycling all week at Anita Purves Nature Center!

November 12, 2021 01:09 PM

America Recycles Day is November 15, and Anita Purves Nature Center is celebrating recycling the entire week.

And, the park district is partnering with Urbana's U-Cycle program for special events at the nature center.

“Since 1960, the rate of recycling in the United States has steadily increased from 6 percent to 34 percent,” said David Subers, Environmental Public Program Coordinator. He added, “This reduces space needed in landfills and reduces the need to extract new materials from the earth. Recycling also creates good jobs at sorting and processing facilities.”

People can learn more about recycling at Anita Purves Nature Center, and bring some hard-to-recycle items to the nature center. Subers said, “From November 15-20, the Anita Purves Nature Center is collecting the following items during regular business hours, in addition to items collected year-round: compact fluorescent bulbs sealed in zip-top bags; CDs and DVDs; eyeglasses; pens, pencils, markers and empty glue-stick cartridges; and drink pouches such as Capri Sun; straws are OK. Items will then be sent to various organizations/companies who specialize in breaking down or reusing the components to have a second life.”

People can pick up recycling kits and activities for kids to help teach them to reuse or repurpose things they normally throw away.

And, Subers added that people can go green while they shop the next six weeks. “Companies pay close attention to what we buy, so how we choose to spend our money is a powerful way to voice our environmental concerns. We can affect large-scale change by showing that we prefer products made with less packaging, without single-use plastics, and that source materials sustainably and ethically. Recent global supply-chain issues make buying local products more attractive, which reduces the need for shipping and benefits our local economy,” he said.

If people have questions about recycling, they can call Subers at (217) 384-4062.

And, be sure to stop by the nature center the week of November 15 to learn more about being good environmental stewards.


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