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Community members let Park District know what they want in a Health and Wellness Center


Over 50 people came to Phillips Recreation Center Wednesday night to find out more about a proposed Health and Wellness Center and give their opinion about the potential project.

A group of middle school students also stopped in to give Urbana Park District Planners their advice.

“The meeting generated a lot of positive energy towards the project – people are really looking forward to the potential facility in Urbana,” said Kara Dudek, Park Planner.

Through a detailed assessment of all park district-owned land, the park district is moving towards building at Prairie Park and those in attendance approved of the location. “People were pleased to see the building concept takes up a small portion of the 20 acre park, and were excited by additional outdoor site amenities planned for future phases of work suck as a playground, splash pad, basketball court, pavilion etc.,” Dudek added.

As the Urbana Park District works towards applying for a facility construction grant, we absolutely consider people’s opinions on the Health and Wellness Center project.

”The consultants we’re working with, Farnworth Group, will be pulling all the written comments together soon, and we’ll have a better idea of what specific things people liked and thought should be changed,” Dudek said.


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