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Crystal Lake Park construction project continues after rain slows workers

Warm, windy weather is helping workers move forward on the Crystal Lake Park renovation project.

And, Urbana Park District plans on offering paddle boat rentals after the current construction phase is over.

“The weather slowed things down last week, but this week the contractors made some good progress,” said Andy Rousseau, Project Manager at Urbana Park District. This spring, the Park District is installing a multi-use path along Park Street.

“Next week, workers will finish grading the path and start pouring concrete,” Rousseau said.

In order to properly regrade and build up the shoreline for path installation, Urbana Park District had to lower the lake level at Crystal Lake. “Once the work is finished, we plan on raising the lake level. It depends on the rainfall how fast the lake rises,” Rousseau commented.

The spring construction is delaying the start of the Crystal Lake boating season. “We hope to begin the boating season as soon as the lake level rises. Right now the water is too low to properly and safely offer paddleboat rentals,” Rousseau explained.

“We thank the public for their patience as we work to upgrade Crystal Lake Park,” Rousseau concluded.

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