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Crystal Lake Park rehabilitation gets help from Illinois American Water grant

The Urbana Park District received $2,800 through the Illinois American Water Environmental Grant Program to help plant new shrubs along the Crystal Lake Park lake edge.

“We are very grateful to Illinois American Water for recognizing the environmental importance of our Crystal Lake Park rehabilitation project,” said Kara Dudek, Park Planner.

There is currently substantial disturbance in the park due to new path installation. The grant will help pay for native shrubs, including buttonbush and common elderberry, to replant the shoreline (see rendering below). “Contractors have removed invasive growth along the shore and volunteers will later help install the native plants,” Dudek said. She added, “This will help enhance the shoreline, improve water quality, provide key habitat, and stabilize the lake edge.”

Once the Park Street pathway is finished, the Park District will start installing the shrubs. “We should start the shoreline plantings early fall and greatly appreciate the help from Illinois American Water,” Dudek concluded.


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