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Dockless bikes are an efficient, fun way to travel around town and exercise

You may notice bluish-green bikes around Champaign-Urbana. The bikes are enticing and look ready for the borrowing.

Well, they are.

Dockless bikes are available for the public to rent and pedal around down. The company, VeoRide, owns the bikes. People can rent the pedal bike at a rate of 50-cents per 15-minutes. Looking to travel further or pedal easier? Electric bikes are now available too; these pedal-assisted bikes are $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute after.

It is so easy, all it takes is the VeoRide app download. After that, use your location to find a nearby bike on the map, scan the QR code to unlock, and you are off! Once finished, find a parking spot near a bike rack, on a sidewalk that leaves enough room to pass, or anywhere a car can park for free. To lock, pull the handle on the lock above the rear wheel and it is locked once it beeps meaning you are done being charged.

People can rent the bikes 24/7 in all conditions.

“These bikes are a safe, fun way to get around town, or take a nice ride,” said Kara Dudek, planner, for Urbana Park District. “The Park District supports the dockless bikes as a way to promote both healthy bodies and a healthy environment.”

The Park District has several great places to ride the bikes. “Meadowbrook and Crystal Lake Parks are great places to ride for fun, off street and away from busy traffic. We have approximately 11 miles of paved trails in our parks per our trails plan,” Dudek added.

Urbana Park District supports increased biking opportunities and part of the long-term plan is for the Park District to work with the City of Urbana to build trails and bike lanes that connect all parks. “And now, with dockless bikes, more people have access to biking in our community,” Dudek concluded.

With warmer weather to enjoy, make sure to check out these awesome bikes!


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