Urbana Park District E-News

The Urbana Park District has introduced regular electronic mailing lists with reminders and information about upcoming events and programs. Opt in by selecting one or more of these informative newsletters.

Anita Purves Nature Center (1-2 e-mails/month)

Find out what is happening each month at APNC.
Receive special offers only for subscribers.

Athletics (1 e-mail/month)

Receive updates about Urbana Park District sports programs.

Dog Park (1-2 e-mails/month)

Keep updated on the Dog Park.

Urbana Park District General News (1 e-mail/month)

Get information about what is going on across the district.
Receive special offers only for subscribers.

Urbana Park District Pools (1-2 e-mails/month)

Keep up to date on information about the new pool we are adding.

Urbana Park District Fitness and Wellness (1-2 e-mails/month)

Lifelong Leisure Senior News (1/2 e-mails/month)

News from the Urbana Park District Senior Citizens Club
and Urbana Park District offerings.


Urbana Park District newsletter

If you have registered for an Urbana Park District program in the past six months and provided your e-mail address to us, you do not need to opt-in. You will automatically receive the general UPD newsletter. You may always choose to opt out. If your e-mail address has changed, you will need to opt-in and provide your new address.

To remove yourself from the list, follow the link at the bottom of any email you receive. To change your address, simply remove your current address and add your new one here.

If you are having difficulty and need asssistance, please contact our mailing list administrators at emailadmin@korora.com.

As we get feedback from subscribers to these three options, we may add additional newsletter options according to the needs and wants of the public.