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Enjoy skiing and sledding in our parks!

February 2, 2022 03:34 AM

For the first time in a few years, our area is expected to get accumulating snow. And, that snow will stay on the ground, thanks to bitter cold weather expected to follow the snow storm.

Urbana Park District has several locations for people to cross country ski and sled.

The best places to sled is at Cannonball Hill at Crystal Lake Park. The hill lights are on until 9 p.m. Another great place to sled is at Prairie Park. 

People are free to cross country ski in all of our parks. Our natural areas at Weaver, Meadowbrook and Crystal Lake Parks provide a fun place to ski. People who want to ski need to bring their own equipment.

Unfortunately, people are not allowed to skate on Crystal Lake. The lake drains the park and surrounding neighborhoods and there is constant water flow. That means we cannot guarantee that the ice will be a minimum of six inches thick, which is the IDNR requirement for safe skating. Also, skating is prohibited at the Weaver Park Basin.

For those who enjoy winter exercise, be sure to have fun at our parks this week (once it is safe to travel on the roads)!



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