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Enjoy the Wandell Sculpture Garden Macro Scavenger Hunt through July 26!

July 18, 2023 04:31 AM

Visit Meadowbrook Park’s Wandell Sculpture Garden and correctly identify all of the sculptures from the photo details and get entered to win a $25 park district gift certificate!
To celebrate the Wandell Sculpture Garden’s 25th Anniversary, we have created a fun photo scavenger hunt for all! Pick up your hunt booklet at the Phillips Recreation Center or any of our Neighborhood Nights concerts or print it at home from this link.

Walk around the park and match the up-close photo to 29 sculptures throughout the entire park. Fill in the name of the piece and the artist. 

Completed entries can be submitted at the Phillips Recreation Center or any Neighborhood Night concert before July 26th. Staff at the front desk and at the information table at the concerts will have the answer key. Winner of the drawing will be announced at the Crystal Lake Park Art Fair on August 5th and be notified by email.

Best of luck and have fun exploring the park! You’ll appreciate the sculptures even more than you already do. 


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