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Expanded Recycling Now Available at Meadowbrook

The Urbana Park District has expanded its park recycling program. You will see new blue containers marked recycle at the Large Pavilion in Crystal Lake Park and at the Garden and PrairiePlay Pavilions at Meadowbrook Park.

According to Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Shane Newell the containers will accommodate “single stream” material such as: Paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. Park beautification employees empty the contents into a single stream dumpster at the Planning and Operations facility, Newell explained.

“We have a dumpster supplied by Community Resources that will accept the single stream material. The evidence of success will be how much garbage is thrown in the recycle container and the amount of sorting staff will be required to do.”

Newell noted that so far park users seem to be recycling responsibly.

“My biggest concern from the beginning was the amount of time staff would spend sorting trash from recyclable material. At this point, staff has informed me that very little sorting is required and the containers are being used frequently,” he said.

Phase two will begin next budget year.  At that time park district staff will set out additional recycle bins in other parks and pavilions.

Besides being environmentally friendly, the Urbana Park District will also see a cost saving with landfill charges from additional recycling opportunities. The cost to empty the garbage truck is based on weight.  Fewer trips to the landfill saves the park district—and taxpayers—money.

Other recycling opportunities can be found at the following park locations:

AMBUCS Park –Nick Santi and Jean Driscoll Pavilions– aluminum only
Blair Park Pavilion –aluminum only
Blair Park Tennis north court – plastic only
Canaday Park ball field – plastic only
Crystal Lake Park – West Woods Pavilion – aluminum only
Phillips Recreation Center – Basketball court – plastic only
Prairie Park Baseball and both softball fields – plastic only



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