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Fitness Flexi Passes are back and on sale!

June 20, 2021 01:00 PM

In another encouraging sign that the pandemic is on the run, the highly popular fitness Flexi Pass is back and on sale this week.

“Flexi passes are very popular with our fitness patrons,” said Elsie Hedgspeth, Outreach and Wellness Manager. “We couldn’t honor Flexi Passes during the pandemic. So, we are absolutely thrilled that it is safe to honor the passes again,” she added.

People may purchase the passes in person at Phillips Recreation Center from June 21 – 25. They can purchase a pass for fitness classes either on land, water, or yoga.

During the sale, the passes cost (R is for resident rate, NR is for non-resident rate):

  • Land Fitness Flexi $32R/$51NR
  • Water Fitness Flexi $40R/$63 NR
  • Yoga/Pilates Flexi $42R/$66 NR

The passes are not good for Tai Chi or Aikido.

“Flexi Passes are great for people who are busy and can’t commit to an entire session of a fitness class,” said Ashley Dennis, Outreach and Wellness Coordinator. “Flexi Passes allow people to attend 10 fitness classes within the categories of land, water or yoga. All people need to do is to present the card upon arrival and they’ll get in to the class.”

Dennis added, “The Flexi Passes are especially great for participants because they have no expiration date. Like a gift card, if a relative finds the gifted pass a month later, it will still be valid.”

Hedgspeth said, “It is time to get moving again and Flexi Passes help people sample our various fitness programs. We hope to see everyone back out at our fitness classes, moving, making new friends, and getting fit.”

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