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Fitness Tracker Friday - Mindfulness Reminders

May 8, 2020 11:03 AM

Our mobile devices can help us keep track of more than just our physical wellness. Mobile devices on every platform have ways for us to maintain a sense of peace and wellbeing through mindfulness applications. Not everyone has transitioned to life with social distancing so easily and taking moments to actively reduce stress can be extremely beneficial.

The Apple Watch comes with the Breathe App that sends you reminders throughout the day to take a minute and breathe along with your watch. It forces you to slow your inhale and exhale to match the vibrations of the watch. Even if you don’t see the health benefits, it is an excellent reminder to take a moment to destress and evaluate. If you enjoy more guided meditations Waking Up and Ten Percent Happier are some of our favorites.

The CDC has a webpage on their site that gives advice and guidance on how to cope with the stress and fear caused by COVID-19.


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