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Fitness trackers help us keep pace

June 5, 2020 09:44 AM

Ashley writes about how fitness trackers help us keep up a good pace during workouts.

Fitness trackers, not surprisingly, are a great way to track the pace of
your physical activity. I find it incredibly helpful when going on a walk or
run to glance down at my wrist to see if I need to slow down or speed up.

Many fitness trackers also include a map of where you have gone during your
walk/run and will break down the splits along your route.
Prior to my purchasing an Apple Watch, I used the Nike Run Club application
on my phone. This app was my preferred tracking device for several reasons:
  1.  You can easily refer to and compare any past runs or walks.
  2.  You are able to add personal notes to any tracked run. For example,
       the type of shoes you were wearing or the difficulty level you felt.
  3.  As you trace your finger along the route you took, you can reference
       your pace, elevation, and heart rate at different time/location points.
  4.  Nike also offers guided runs defined by your selected goal, led by
       fitness professionals that will motivate you along the way with conversation
       and inspirational prompts.
Tracking the pace of your physical activity is an excellent way to continue
pushing your fitness goals. Additionally, it is an excellent method to
discover what type and intensity of fitness works best for your body.


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