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Get up-close with native bees at Anita Purves Nature Center on September 7


Stop by the Anita Purves Nature Center on September 7 from 10-11:30am to get the inside buzz about bees and how important these insects are to life in Illinois.

The “Buzz about Bees” program is free to the public and will offer something for all ages of adults and children.

“This program will be held outside the nature center, next to the playscape, as long as the weather allows. Participants will get to see different kinds of bees in their native habitats,” said Savannah Donovan, Environmental Public Program Coordinator. “You can come and go anytime from 10 - 11:30 on Saturday morning.”

And, there’s a lot to learn. “Native bees are superior pollinators and are less aggressive than honeybees,” Donovan said.

“Local bee aficionado and graduate student Maddy Kangas will show you how to identify native bees and how to help conserve bees and their habitats,” Donovan explained.

“Bees are an integral part of the environment and it’s important we help them thrive. Everyone is welcome to stop by this free event on Saturday, September 7 to learn more about our tiny wild neighbors,” Donovan concluded.


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