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Golf and Tennis fitness trackers help you keep in shape

June 19, 2020 11:09 AM

Ashley tell us how we can use golf and tennis fitness apps to keep in shape.

We are restricted from returning to the gym, but there are other ways to stay active using your fitness trackers! If you play golf or tennis and have an Apple watch, I have some very exciting news… there’s an app for that! Not only do these apps help you keep score in both sports, but they can also help to improve your game. 

For the golfers among us, you want to check out Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring. This application gives you GPS range finding to tell you how far you are from the hole. This helps tremendously when selecting your golf club. This app also has easy score keeping that allows you to track every shot you took over time. For avid golfers, it is quite exciting to scroll through and find that your shot off the tee went 20 more yards than the last time you played the hole. Hole19 has a database with over 43,000 golf courses in 201 countries. The application is also useful when trying to find the best course near you based on other golfers’ reviews and ratings. 

If you are a tennis player, check out SwingVision: The Tennis App. This app is built for players that want to perfect their game. SwingVision is actually able to analyze your swing as well as record your stats. While your watch is recording your speed, the app on your phone can record a video, which when combined will give you feedback after each hit. It's basically a private tennis coach on your devices. 

During our continued social distancing remember to keep moving, keep trying new activities, and find something you love! 


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