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Learn all about our local wetlands April 4 - 9

March 26, 2022 03:43 PM

When we think of Illinois we think of flat prairie land with a sporadic lake or pond sprinkled in.

But, did you know that there are many wetlands in the state, including right here in Champaign County? You have the chance to learn more about wetlands, including those located at Urbana Park District, April 4 - 9 during Wetlands Week.

David Subers, Environmental Public Program Coordinator, explained, "Wetlands provide a multitude of benefits for a healthy community and planet. They improve water quality by filtering runoff before it enters our rivers or drinking water, they hold storm water to help prevent flooding, provide valuable habitat for many species of wildlife, and provide recreational and educational opportunity."

Urbana Park District is hosting a free Playdate With Nature at Meadowbrook Park on April 4, from 4:30 - 6 p.m. 

On April 9, people can explore wetlands with University of Illinois scientists, at Anita Purves Nature Center and Busey Woods. The cost is $9 for residents and $14 for non-residents.

Register online at the links above, or call (217) 367-1544. You can also call Subers at (217) 384-4062 if you have any questions about Wetlands Week.

All are welcome. Subers concluded, "We hope that people walk away from these programs learning about some of the challenges that wetlands face worldwide, as well as their unique ecology and the value they provide to people and planet. We also hope people are inspired by the aesthetic beauty of wetlands and feel a stronger connection with these resources."



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