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Learn sustainable gardening techniques at the Backyard Composting Workshop

We all want to reduce, reuse and recycle, and composting is an excellent way to reuse organic scraps that would otherwise go to the landfill. Urbana Park District is committed to helping our community “go green” and is hosting a Backyard Composting Workshop, Saturday, May 4, from 10 a.m. – Noon, at Anita Purves Nature Center.

“Compost is a sustainable and natural way to feed your garden and reduce waste,” said Savannah Donovan, Environmental Public Program Coordinator. “We want to teach as many people as possible the benefits of composting and which method might be best for you.”

It costs $9 for residents and $13 for non-residents to attend the workshop. People can go online to register or call Urbana Park District at (217) 367-1544 to secure their place. Registration closes after May 1.

At the workshop, Park District and City of Urbana staff will discuss and demonstrate ways how people can create their own backyard and vermi-compost bins (pictured below). They will also let people know where they can pick up their own compost locally, if they don’t have a compost bin. “We’ll have snacks and door prizes, including a free-standing compost bin, for people that attend,” Donovan added.

“Everyone can do their part to help the environment, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Composting is a great step toward sustainability at home,” Donovan concluded.


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