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Look for a new sculpture at Phillips Recreation Center

Phillips Recreation Center continues to get updates.

Last year the facility received new flooring, painting, and window coverings.  This summer, new siding and landscaping.  And now the Urbana Park District is looking to add new art work at Phillips Recreation Center before the end of the month.  "Big Fish, Little Fish" by artist Jaci Willis will be installed and replace "Mare and Foal" outside of the facility’s main entrance.

The new piece is constructed of stainless steel and glass and pays tribute to the artist’s work with other sculptors.

"Our sculpture 'Mare and Foal' has become unstable and will be going away to be evaluated by a professional to see if we can refurbish it. Time and weather have taken its toll," said Derek Liebert, Superintendent of Planning and Operations, Urbana Park District.

Workers will remove the sculpture this Thursday, August 23.

"Mare and Foal" is around 50-years old and spent several years on display at Lincoln Square Mall. In 1979 the sculpture moved to the Thornburn Center, which was demolished due to structural issues and replaced by the Phillips Recreation Center in 1996.

More exiting changes are planned for the coming to Phillips Recreation Center this year including a teaching kitchen and a new playground. So, be on the lookout for new art and more amenities to serve the community.




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