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New sculpture at Meadowbrook Park


Visitors to the Meadowbrook Park Wandell Sculpture Garden can admire a new piece, on loan from Chicago artist Charles Yost.

The sculpture, Bi-Polar Apparition Attack – Formus Interrupius, is located on the south end of the Wandell Sculpture Garden, across from the Hickman Wildflower Walk.

Speaking about his creation, Yost commented, “The organic apparition forms are juxtaposed with the more geometric lines, both living in harmony. This relationship represents our personal aspirations, hopes, dreams, almost like saying, ‘Can't we all get along.’”

He added, “The sculpture is ‘bi-polar’ because it can be installed on either end, affecting different viewing situations.”

Before coming to the Wandell Sculpture Garden, Yost's work was on display at the Decatur Sculpture Tour in Decatur, Indiana, and the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit.

This addition continues Urbana Park District’s commitment to the arts. People can find out more about art at Urbana Park District by taking a virtual tour.

“We are fortunate to have artists willing to share their works with Urbana Park District,” said Timothy Bartlett, Executive Director. “We thank Mr. Yost for loaning us this sculpture and we hope people come to Wandell Sculpture Garden and enjoy this and the many other sculptures on display.”



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