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New sculpture makes debut at Meadowbrook Park

Visitors at the Meadowbrook Park Wandell Sculpture Garden can take in a new sculpture called Idea of an Apple, by artist Micki LeMieux.

The steel, foam and epoxy structure gives a unique view of an apple. LeMieux explained, “Throughout human history the apple has been rich with symbol and meaning. The symbol of an apple represents an array of ideas in literature, myth and metaphor.”

LeMieux continued, “It began with the story of the forbidden fruit, a temptation from the tree of knowledge. In myths, the apple represents good and evil. In folklore, the apple and its seeds represent the cycle of life, fertility, nourishment, and knowledge of self.

“It is part of American heritage, part of the land, from Johnny Appleseed to mom’s apple pie.”

Prior to coming to Urbana Park District, Idea of an Apple was on display at Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, Art on Clark and the Chicago Flower and Garden Show Expo.

“We are fortunate to have artists willing to share their works with Urbana Park District,” said Timothy Bartlett, Executive Director. “We thank Ms. LeMieux for loaning us this sculpture and we hope people come to Wandell Sculpture Garden and enjoy this and the many other sculptures on display.”

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