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New sculpture makes its debut in Meadowbrook Park

Urbana Park District has a new sculpture on loan from a Chicago-area artist. And, if people like bugs, they’ll love this new work.

The sculpture is Mr. Big Beetle Finds His Way, and it is on display at Meadowbrook Park’s Wandell Sculpture Garden. Janet Austin of Evanston, IL, sculpted the piece of art. The sculpture is made of steel, stainless steel and concrete with a glass mosaic.

Mr. Big Beetle Finds His Way first went on display at Lincoln Park Zoo in 2015. From 2016 – 18, the sculpture went on display in various Chicago Park District parks.

Now people in Champaign-Urbana can enjoy the art.

In her statement, Austin said that the beetle depicts the dreaded emerald ash borer. “The work allows visitors to confront this beautiful insect and ponder the role humans played in turning it into a dreaded creature,” she wrote.

Urbana Park District is excited to host this art work. “Art is a very important component in our parks,” said Timothy Bartlett, Executive Director. “We always look forward to giving the Wandell Sculpture Garden a new look, and Mr. Big Beetle Finds His Way, gives us just that. We thank Ms. Austin for loaning the sculpture to Urbana Park District, and we invite the public to Meadowbrook Park to enjoy the work.”


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