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Park District acquires a new sculpture for permanent display

November 18, 2022 09:28 AM

The Wandell Sculpture Garden 25th Anniversary celebration continues as Urbana Park District has purchased a sculpture to reside permanently at Meadowbrook Park.

The park district installed Life on the Prairie on November 17. The work from Saint Joseph artist Tim Summerville, is located on the southwest side of Meadowbrook Park, near the El-ahrairah (giant rabbit) sculpture. 

Made of welded steel, Life on the Prairie depicts a young buffalo running after its mother. 

Many sculptures are leased to the park district for a period of time; however, a donation from Joyce Burdge allowed the park district to purchase Life on the Prairie so it will be on permanent display at the park district. Joyce made the donation in memory of her husband, Rabel. 

"We are grateful for the generous donation that will let us add to our permanent sculpture display at Wandell Sculpture Garden. We welcome everyone to come to Meadowbrook Park and enjoy this and other public art," said Tim Bartlett, Executive Director at Urbana Park District. 



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