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Park District workers to burn prairie at Meadowbrook Park

Weather permitting, Urbana Park District workers will be doing a prescribed burn in the Spomer Prairie section of Meadowbrook Park Wednesday, April 3.

The burn will start in the afternoon.

“Fire discourages trees and shrubs from invading the prairie and helps prevent the growth of other invasive plants that are not part of the prairie community,” said Matt Balk, Natural Areas Coordinator.  “Prairie plants actually grow more vigorously if the area is burned from time to time.”

Balk hopes the burn is only a temporary interruption for people wanting to visit the park. “Prescribed burn areas will be closed to visitors before and during the burn. Volunteers and staff will be on hand to help guide park visitors clear of the area,” he explained.

“In a few weeks people can expect to lush, new growth in the areas we burn.”


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