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Powerline Trail Work in Busey Woods

December 5, 2015 08:09 AM

The Urbana Park District will work with Ameren on selective pruning and clearing along the Busey Woods power line right-of-way beginning December 7.

Work will include the removal of limbs and trees that present a risk to the power lines. Ameren will be targeting any trees or limbs that are growing in or along the right-of-way which, once mature, would grow into the power lines.

Additionally, there are many ash trees that line the right-of-way that will soon be impacted by emerald ash borer and should be removed. Urbana Park District staff members will work with Ameren to mark trees in advance of their pruning and removal. Work is scheduled to continue through Friday, December 18. 

"During this time the woods will be closed to the public, excluding Saturday and Sunday" explained Superintendent of Planning and Operations Derek Liebert..

" If there are unexpected delays, the work would resume the following week.”


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