PrairiePlay Paver Retrieval

Background Information

Since 2019, the park district has been keeping a notification list of all the people who would like to request their concrete paver back. We have taken a series of drone photos and are excited to unite as many people as possible with their pavers. With 1,202 total pavers around the playground, this process will take a lot of coordination. The concrete pavers have been out in the elements for over 27 years, and they may be difficult to read, or could be brittle and damaged upon removal. In addition, their outdoor location may mean portions of the drone photos could be covered by weeds or debris. We will do our absolute best to unite people with their pavers, but we cannot promise it will be possible in every case. Lastly, we do not have records of who each paver belongs to. If multiple people request the same paver, it will go to the first person who requested it.

The Pavers are Heavy!  

Each paver averages 16”x16”x4” and weighs approximately 80 lbs. Please be sure you have help and a way to lift and carry your paver before signing up for retrieval.

How to Request Your Paver

Drone photos have been taken of all 1,202 pavers and categorized into 28 different zones. Each paver within these zones is numbered (e.g. Zone 2, Paver 15). Paver retrieval will take place on the following dates and times:

  1. Friday, March 1 from 10 AM - 5:45 PM
  2. Saturday, March 2 from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Those interested in retrieving their paver should:

  1. Be prepared to lift and carry an 80 lb paver to your vehicle. There will be a limited number of wheelbarrows and tools available—you are strongly encouraged to bring any equipment you need and any additional able-bodied helpers to help retrieve your paver and carry it over uneven terrain. Hopefully, the same helpers can assist with unloading and placing the paver when you get it home. 
  2. Review the paver zones map for the general location of your paver. The paver zone map and individual zones can be found under the Related Files heading on the SignUpGenius form here: MBK Paver Retrieval Email List: PrairiePlay Paver Retrieval (
  3. If you are unsure of your location, you can look through all 28 of the zones, but keep in mind that there are 1,202 pavers and it will take some time.
  4. You will likely need to zoom in to the images to see the details of the pavers. After zooming in, you will also see the paver number in the lower left corner (see example image). 
  5. Once your paver(s) are located, fill out the SignUpGenius form noting your contact information, the zone, paver number, (ex: zone 2, paver 15), who will be picking up, and preferred 15-minute pick-up window. Signup will close at 5pm Mon Feb 26th.
  6. You will be able to request up to five pavers at once. If you have more than that, please start with a blank form.
  7. You are allowed to send someone else to retrieve your paver(s) for you if you cannot make any of the designated pick-up dates, but you must communicate that person’s name and contact information with the Urbana Park District prior to retrieval.  
  8. When you arrive, you will sign in, complete a waiver, and be given location information for retrieving your paver. 

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Keenan Portis, Park Planner at or 217-344-9583.