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Register your child for fall swimming lessons

Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center is offering swimming lessons for kids of all ages this fall, and Urbana Park District wants parents to know they need to register their kids now.

“We offer several sessions beginning in September and running through December,” said Anna Calcagno, Aquatics Coordinator. “Our earliest lessons are for babies age six months and older. We offer lessons for kids up through age 15. People age 15 and older will take adult lessons,” Calcagno explained.

Parents don’t need to worry about their child’s skill level. “During the first swimming lesson, our teachers evaluate your child’s swimming skills and place them in the appropriate class,” Calcagno added.

The lessons start with teaching kids to be comfortable in the water, and progress to proper swimming strokes, breathing techniques and endurance.

“Our swim instructors are top-notch in teaching kids to their skill level,” Calcagno said.

Prices vary from class to class, but range from $31 to $84. “People can look at our swimming lessons schedule online. They can then call Urbana Park District at (217) 367-1544 to register or register online,” Calcagno said.

She concluded, “Swimming is a great skill to learn and a great way to get exercise. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our fall swimming lessons.”


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