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Removal of Invasive Callery Pear Trees

In the upcoming months, the Urbana Park District will make a concerted effort to eliminate Callery Pear trees from its parks and natural areas.

While these trees are quite attractive when they bloom in the spring, they are also quite problematic. In fact, they are considered invasive plants in both Illinois and the eastern half of North America.

Of concern is their ability to cross-pollinate with other pear trees. This results in fruit that birds eat and deposit in other areas such as fencerows and natural areas. Dense thickets of Callery Pears can develop in these locations quickly and push out more desirable, native plants.

Another concern is their branching pattern. They develop weakly attached branches with narrow crotch angles. They often have 6-8 branches coming off of the same point on the trunk, making them prone to losing branches during ice and wind events.

After the removals are completed, the park district will plant higher-quality native trees to help fill the void.

We appreciate your patience as we make this transition. Questions can be directed to Rich McMahon at the park district’s Planning and Operations Office, 217-344-9583.

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