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Rent The Lake House in Crystal Lake Park for your next gathering

February 27, 2024 12:43 AM

With warmer weather on the way, Urbana Park District wants you to know that The Lake House in Crystal Lake Park is an attractive, cost-effective place to rent for a wedding, party, reunion, meeting or other gathering.

The facility can host 50 people, with a potential to host 80 people with renting the outdoor patio area. The Lake House offers a pretty view of Crystal Lake and easy access to a pavilion, playground, walking trails and boat rentals.

There are different rental fees depending on the type of group renting (government group, private individual, rentals charging a fee). Private rentals are $65/hour on the weekends, and $55 during the week.

Call Janet at (217) 367-1544 for more information about renting the Lake House, or fill out a rental form on

Host your next gathering at the beautiful Lake House in Crystal Lake Park.


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