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Resume writing workshop at Urbana Park District November 2


People needing to update, spruce up or simply start a job resume have the chance to get help on Saturday, November 2, at Urbana Park District’s Phillips Recreation Center.

“Come to Phillips Recreation Center from 10am to 12pm, and let us help you with your resume,” said Niki Hoesman, Community Program Coordinator.

“We can help build a resume from scratch, organize a resume to be easier to read and give tips as to what employers are looking for.” Hoesman added.

The event is free to all, but please call Urbana Park District at (217) 367-1544 to register so Hoesman knows how many to plan for.

There is no age limit, but the workshop is targeted towards people who have completed high school.

“A well written resume helps job seekers get in the door and get an interview,” Hoesman said. “Helping our friends and neighbors create or update a resume will not only benefit them, but our community as a whole.”



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