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Scientists identify hundreds of species during Busey Woods BioBlitz


Around 70 scientists braved stormy weather to document all living species in Busey Woods at Anita Purves Nature Center.

The BioBlitz took place over 24-hours on September 27 - 28.

"We're grateful for all the professional and citizen scientists who participated in the BioBlitz," said Judy Miller, Environmental Program Manager. "The stormy weather slowed us down a little bit, but our scientists were dedicated to the mission."

Scientists identified 674 species during the blitz. "That number is going to go up over the next several weeks, as researchers will continue to examine the samples they collected and add any new discoveries," Miller explained.

During the BioBlitz, scientists gave free presentations about nature, animals and wildlife, and helped people make their own nature discoveries.

"The BioBlitz was a great opportunity for people to learn more about the bio-diversity that is right in their back yard," Miller said. She added, "And the great thing is that people can interact with that bio-diversity every day at the nature center."





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